Aneis Bio

Anei is a singer from Hamburg, Germany.
Growing up, she enjoyed making all kinds of music, from Renaissance to Punk music. Her first release was a vinyl album with the Trash Punk band Axolotls.
While studying classical singing, she supported the CATS` voices in the booth, and started touring with the a Cappella group Lalelu, winning several cabaret prizes and releasing several CDs. The group was featured in the radio and on TV.
Later, she was involved in smaller music projects, including her own music cabaret show with Henrike Gebauer and Tango music.

Her music is difficult to label, for it is influenced by Aneis vast interest in all kinds of music, including Afro-Brazialian, Classical, Modern Jazz, Gamelan, Tango, Jodel, Bluegrass, Lado, Elektro and many more. It could maybe best be described as a mixture of Alternative Rock, Independent, Singer Songwriter and Blues.

Her studies in music ethnology and longer stays in different countries add to her style, and she likes collecting sounds in all kinds of places to use them in her songs.

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