And I wish you…

For my friends from Martinique, the 6th of January is the most important day of the Season.

For all of you who are still in the mood, I`m happy to anounce my first online release – on the last day of 2022. There is a nice story to it: On December 16, I went to my favourite radio station in Hamburg,, and I was lucky to stumble over Ruben Jonas Schnell, the founder of that wonderful program. I told him I wanted to give him some of my music that was going to be released over the next few months, and he said „and now you want us to play it“ – it was a short, but heart-warming encounter.

In the afternoon, I was working on my laptop, listening to, and suddenly Michael Hager speaks a bout a young (:-) musician that popped in earlier to bring some new music. I was so proud my music was on the radio even before it was released! At the end of the song, my producer Felix calls me and says „Hey, I heard you on the radio“. Yeah, it made my day.

Christmas Wish You have to be a friend to listen to it – I think it`s really worth to support those guys!

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