This is a song that turned out completely different than I intended it to be, thanks to the contribution of my beautiful studio band and my magical producer. It touches me – I think it says something about how people see me, and it feels consoling. I intended the arrangement to be more agressive and dramatic, and now it actually has a playful, lighter touch (and still enough drama 🙂
Well, it certainly also says something about the musicians. I´m very impressed how everybody felt their way into it, especially because it`s not a standard arrangement, and I am very thankful for the inspirantions everbody put into it.
Enjoy Michael Leuschner on Flugelhorn, Randall Brown on guitar, Dirk Ritz on bass and Marco Moeller on Drums.
Listen closely to detect the Berimbau – a bow lute that I made myself years ago in Sao Luis and brought back from Brasil. It is used to accompany Capoeira, a Brazilian marcial art that is disguised in a dance.