Beggar – When a strange dream turns into a song


When you have everything, you have everything to loose
That doesn`t mean so much to you, if you don`t put it to use 

I´ve been practicing lucid dreaming – I love exploring the mind (and getting ideas for songs :-)). Two tricks to know whether you are dreaming or not: 1. Check where you have been before you came where you are – dreams usually don`t have a realistic timeline. 2. Look at what is behind you, look straight, look behind you again. In dreams, the scenery is likely to have changed.
In lucid dreams, you can interfere with your dream reality to a certain extend. That gave me a deeper understanding, that we may have more influence on our lives than we think. It`s not easy to change the mindset, but it`s worth it – be happy

Enjoy Randall Brown on Guitar, Dirk Ritz on Bass, Marco Moeller on Drums

Listen to song here